Another twist on the 100 word challenge.  This week we are to write 50 words under the theme ‘The Season’ and then later in the week, we choose someone else’s writing and add 50 words to make an ending.  What a great idea! (I used to love playing ‘consequences’ as a child).
If you’d like to read others or even take part yourself, take a look at Julia’s Place
Mine’s a bit of a tear-jerker this week, just to remind us all that ‘The Season’ isn’t always a happy time for people.

In western countries they’ll be sitting at the table now, greedily attacking the golden roast, inhaling the delicious smells of gravy and cranberry sauce.  Here, grovelling in the dust, plagued by flies, the emaciated child whimpers pitifully for want of a few grains of rice and some clean, fresh water.


6 responses to “Somalia

  1. Very sobering one Lynda, and a great reminder that while we are all knee-deep in tinsel and wrapping paper and other luxuries, others are fighting just for survival.

  2. This is a thought provoking piece Lynda. Good to remember that there are many less fortunate in our world.Gonna be a difficult one to follow up on…

  3. Thank you for the seasonal reminder that we must not forget those less fortunate than us. A hard act to follow…

  4. Very challenging Lynda . . Here is my contribution to part 2. I hope you will feel it is a worthy link . . . . (it's the third entry)

  5. Stunning writing Lynda of the sort we need at this time. It is so easy to forget until we see a shot on the advert asking for some money. As the others have said, it will be a challenge to follow on but I know they will!

  6. Hi Lynda, this is such a sad and moving piece. Thank goodness organisations like World Vision and Oxfam now enable us to gift relief in practical ways.

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