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A Change of Season – Part 2

Finally, another ending which is not like anything else I’ve written.  The first part comes from:

‘The Royal Glade of Faerie basked in azure warmth. All around spoke of languid dreams and indolent days. Alyssa stood, poised, wings resplendant, her lyre, a thing of beauty. She began to play, a sharp and haunting lilt that frosted leaves and misted breath. And, in that cherished moment, summer fled.’
 Deep in the Glade, creatures burrowed into the earth, seeking warmth. Above a flock of geese disappeared towards the horizon. Alyssa nodded and with a flick of her wings flew over the scene she had created.  The Royal Glade could rest and recover, building strength for the next season’s frenzy.


Season’s Greetings – Part 2

This is the second part of this beginning:
‘Jenna sighed as the doorbell rang.  The last time she’d seen him she was a fifteen year old klutz with a crush.  The sound of male voices and laughter drew her to the door.  She smiled at his stunned expression and didn’t notice the puddle of melted snow on the wood floor.’
 The moment of silence seemed to last for ages.  She swept past him and he stepped aside reluctantly, almost slipping on the wet wood floor. He watched this beautiful swan whom he could only remember as an ugly duckling, cursing his stupidity at casting her aside all those years ago.  

The Mail – Part 2

The challenge over Christmas was to write 50 words and then complete someone else’s 50 words by adding a next part. 

I chose this entry:

This is very much my style of writing and felt comfortable for me.  However, I think I’ll try a couple more before the end of the week.

 ‘The other cards tumbled to the floor like the snow outside the door.  She tilted sideways against the wall for support.  The grandfather clock drummed out the seconds, sapping holiday joy from the fairy lights, leeching colour from the tinsel, silencing radio carols.  She stroked the words with her thumb.’

Her mind was in complete turmoil.  Months ago, she would have given anything to receive this – confirmation that he was safe and well somewhere. Now, having been through the storm and emerged with new hope and a new man, she felt sick to the core, not knowing what to do.


Another twist on the 100 word challenge.  This week we are to write 50 words under the theme ‘The Season’ and then later in the week, we choose someone else’s writing and add 50 words to make an ending.  What a great idea! (I used to love playing ‘consequences’ as a child).
If you’d like to read others or even take part yourself, take a look at Julia’s Place
Mine’s a bit of a tear-jerker this week, just to remind us all that ‘The Season’ isn’t always a happy time for people.

In western countries they’ll be sitting at the table now, greedily attacking the golden roast, inhaling the delicious smells of gravy and cranberry sauce.  Here, grovelling in the dust, plagued by flies, the emaciated child whimpers pitifully for want of a few grains of rice and some clean, fresh water.

Christmas Lunch Saga

Well, once again, Julia set us an epic challenge.  We were to write a piece about Christmas dinner which would fit to the tune of a Christmas carol or song.  On top of that, it was to try and be 100 words.
Ah well, two out of three wasn’t too bad.  I chose ‘Good King Wenceslas’ but then realised that the verses are made up of two parts, therefore I couldn’t get it down to 100 words and went well over.
Sorry, Julia!
Here goes – Christmas lunch from a mother’s point of view – sing along!
Up at seven really dark
Get the oven on low
To the garage, such a lark
Fetch that turkey in Flo
What? You’ve dropped it on the floor?
Never mind just wash it,
Shove it in and shut the door
They will still all nosh it
Pud is in the microwave
Only takes a minute
Get your fingers off that, Dave
Starter’s burned, just bin it
Who will peel the sprouts today?
Don’t all jump at once though
I’ll do carrots, you just play
Glass of Sherry number four
Bottle’s empty get some more
I am feeling merry
Dropped the stuffing on the floor
They are hungry, hurry
Table’s set, it’s chaos here
Check the state of the roast
Turkey’s black but never fear
We can just have beans on toast!

War and Peace

It had dragged on for months.  Cold, mud, noise filled their souls, numbing and dulling the senses.  There were times when they thought it would never end.  Some couldn’t bear it and deliberately faced the bullets rather than endure one more second.  They lost count of the days and only the intense cold told them it was December.  Then, came a moment when the big noise ceased.  They looked at each other in consternation, confused.
‘Is it me or are bells ringing?’
They looked over the top and saw the enemy, standing in the open, a crude football at their feet. For a moment, there was peace.