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100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week 75

This was the holiday of a lifetime. We had counted down the days. Friends and family were so jealous when we told them our itinerary, especially when we told them we would be seeing the Grand Canyon. Now we were here and it suddenly didn’t feel quite so exciting. I had never been comfortable with heights and this viewing platform was more than I could bear. He joked with me and said he’d hold my hand. I’d be fine. It was as safe as houses. At that moment, the sun broke through the cloud and lit the pathway. I stepped forward.


Winter Wedding 100WCGU Week 74 ‘the extreme weather meant’

They had planned this day for months. Every detail had been pored over.  A January wedding would represent a new start for both of them – a chance to put the past to bed and set their sights on the future. Two days before the wedding the skies darkened and snow began to fall in waves. The extreme weather meant a few changes but if anything made the day even more beautiful. Afterwards he led her outside and as huge flakes fell towards them, swept her up in his arms and carried her to the waiting car in a blur of snow, lace, and orange blossom.


Photo credit: jonasj / / CC BY-SA

A long time coming

I have been thinking about moving all of my blogging to WordPress for a while. I’ve dipped my toe in the water a few times and then chickened out. Today though, I took the plunge. It doesn’t do exactly what I want it to but then I could have paid for an upgrade which might have done. I did invest some extra on getting a personalised URL though. Only time will tell whether it will be an improvement for me – but right now I feel happy and just need to do some more blogging and get back on track with the 100 Word Challenge as well.

Well that was a bit of a boring post but gave me the chance to try it out!

100 Word Challenge Week 71

 This week’s entry is dedicated to all my teacher friends as they start a new term, working so hard despite all the hurdles being put in their way at the moment. Do what you know is right for the children, helping each other along the way and remember, YOU are the experts – not Government!
They had walked for many miles and their feet were raw and bleeding. On the way, several had stumbled but the strength of the group had ensured that each was helped back to his feet and encouraged along. The wind whistled and blew the icy drizzle into their faces. They couldn’t think of anything other than crossing the border and worrying that they might not make it. Food was such a distant memory that they had ceased to feel hungry and the canteen of water was now empty. A cry rang out ahead. As midnight struck they saw the lights of the crossing.