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The Strangest 4 days

I feel I really have to document what has happened in the last 4 days. To say they have been emotional is an understatement. Those who know me know that I really enjoy and see the value of Twitter. I have made many ‘friends’ there and find it a hugely supportive and helpful network. I have actually met several people that I follow and they are just as lovely in real life. But as with any social network, it doesn’t come without its drawbacks. I have a very trusting nature and really care about people. Now you might think that’s a good thing, right? Well yes, it is most of the time but occasionally that nature is exploited and I have discovered that I am very easily taken in and duped.
At the weekend I was told that a blog I followed last year was fake. I was so shocked that I’d been taken in by it and even donated money to help those people who were stranded far from home with a very ill premature baby and mounting bills. They had also exploited another couple with a genuine story and used their blog to highlight their own ‘dilemma’. This was bad enough but what followed next was devastating.
Another trusted and lovely ‘friend’ had documented her terrible time over the last two years. I won’t go into details because most people reading this know the full story. She called me her twitter mum and I felt honoured to be so. We shared tweets, texts and emails. We travelled with her through births and illnesses, marriages and deaths. Nobody could believe that one family could suffer so much hardship. I sent gifts. I donated to The Meningitis Trust. I tried to always be there through the bad times to console and through the good times to congratulate.
Then Wednesday night brought a flurry of Twitter activity revealing the deception we had all been subjected to. Photographs of someone else’s twins from their blog – that was bad enough – but later in the evening, photos of the alleged wedding a couple of weeks ago. They were indeed someone’s wedding – but not that of the person who drew us in. Even worse, I collected all the tweets on the wedding day, along with some of these photos and made them into an Apple album (which was not cheap!) and posted it to them. This means that I also used someone else’s wedding photos without their consent.
The Twitter community was affected terribly. We had grieved, lit candles and shared some pretty raw emotions and were left with incredulity that someone could do such a thing.
Even now, in my own heart, I am confused about which bits were real (if any) and which were pure fantasy. I’m shocked that anyone could use others’ photos and wonder how these people will react when they find out – as they most certainly will. 
I can’t understand the reason behind this and won’t even try. But I hope I have learned from this. I won’t run away from Twitter because there are so many lovely. genuine people on there. But I will certainly be much more careful about investing any emotion on people I have never met.


Happy Birthday 100WCGU

Having read some of the other entries, I was wondering if I misunderstood and that the writing was to be suitable to go into the card? Anyway, doing two entries this week will make up for missing a couple.

Your birthday – you are 36
It seems like just last night
That I was on the labour ward
Pushing with all my might.

They handed me our baby boy
All pink and soft and sweet
I looked at you with wonder
Your face, your hands, your feet

I didn’t get a manual
Explaining what to do 
But through the years I learned some tricks
On how to best serve you

Where have those years just disappeared
The toddler, boy and teen?
But gone they have and through it all
You made me feel a Queen

So Happy Birthday, lovely boy
I’ll shed a teardrop maybe
Remembering the years we’ve spent
Since you were just a baby

We may not know the future
And what it holds in store
Whatever might be coming
We’ll love you more and more.

The Surprise Photo 100WCGU

I really am letting things slip. I missed last time’s 100 Challenge and am just squeaking this one in by the skin of my teeth!

Julia’s evil cackle could be heard loud and clear this week with a picture prompt for this photo. If you would like to join us, take a look here:

I have to wait until she goes out to indulge my secret needs. While she’s there I’m just Tom, the ginger cat who cries for food, leaves fur everywhere and occasionally craves attention by spraying against the sitting room curtains. But when she goes out, I have to give in to my desire to be a human. I hide things away throughout the week then drag them out when I get the chance, sit in front of the floor-length mirror and play. I’ve become quite adept at putting things on but this has to be the best yet. So good that I’m just going to get the iPad and select ‘camera’ flip it round so it shows ME and press that little camera button. What a surprise she will have when she opens ‘Photos’ next time!