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I just love Twitter (in case you didn’t know already)

This morning, I started a conversation about the windy weather. This is what then happened:

Me: Today I have been chasing chairs, tables and bamboo plants around the deck.

SJB: @e_gran I know tables and chairs have legs but….

Me: It is wild up here!

SJB: @e_gran It was here last night, but much calmer today. Hopefully our calm is heading your way.

Me: Unfortunately it is coming from the north, but particularly down the east coast.

SJB: @e_gran 😦 Sorry to be selfish, but I hope it gives us a miss.

Me: If you see a pretend rattan sofa fly over your house will you nab it? It’s mine.

SJB: @e_gran I’ll keep my eyes and ears open.

SJB (later): @e_gran it didn’t come my way. Maybe it’s blown out to sea.

Me: Hazard to shipping, my pretend rattan sofa.

Me: I’ve given up chasing them now. I’ll just have to clear up the chaos tomorrow, when it dies down.

SJB: @e_gran well at least the men on the oil rigs will be able to make good use if it.

Me: LOL! Hope they send it back. The two chairs and table are missing it.

Then this evening, this appeared in my timeline:

The Oil Rig Men@TheOilRigMen are following you

Bio: We were busy drilling for oil when a pretend rattan sofa fell from the sky

The Oil Rig Men @e_gran Thanks for the pretend rattan sofa. It’s been just the thing for putting our feet up on when it was too windy to work today.
The Oil Rig Men @e_gran Any chance you could spare us a table and chairs to go with it??
I don’t know for sure but imagine that SJB is behind this?

@TheOilRigMen I have just spotted this. I am crying with laughter. Thank you for giving me the biggest laugh I’ve had in ages.

I just love twitter. It brings me laughter and tears, companionship and a soapbox opportunity. And today was just a fine example of the way it can change your day. Thank you SJB for making me laugh at what is a difficult time for you.