Monthly Archives: October 2011

Friday Night Girls

What a tough one this week. A poem along the lines of ‘Remember, remember the 5th of November’ using only 21 words.  Added to that, we have to use the words ‘In winter we shiver’ – well that’s 4 words used up already!
This took quite some time!

Hailstones peppering down, parading round town
Underdressed, oversized, we gloat
In winter we shiver, clothing a sliver 
Never wearing a coat!

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week 16

The cow was lounging in the meadow. With a blinding flash, the little man appeared from nowhere.  
‘Three wishes!’ the little man shouted rudely.
The cow looked at him quizzically, rhythmically chewing the cud .
‘Come on, I’ve got other creatures to help, you know!’
The cow cogitated. Endless money was no good to her. Endless grass would be good. Ending her days in this field – that would be good too!
‘People eat cows like me’ she said to the man. ‘They make burgers. May they turn to newspaper when they do’.
With a flourish and a bang it was done.

The Stirring

Julia has given us a tough challenge this week.  The usually 100 words has been slashed to only 50!  How can you tell we are in times of austerity?  The prompt this week is ‘The Autumn leaves…’

The Autumn leaves stirred in the breeze and drizzle drifted across the fields. The day was already drawing to a close and a crow called raucously from the darkening sky. Somewhere from under the leaves there came an eerie sound and a bony index finger appeared, wriggling, stretching, emerging from the peaty earth. 


This week’s 100 Word Challenge asked us to do something with the alphabet.  After some thinking, I challenged myself to write my 100 words in alphabetical order.  Here is the result:

All around Amsterdam artists bumbled, bringing beautiful, Begonias, Chrysanthemums, Carnations, cherished completely, down dappled driveways.  Decorating every entrance equally enthusiastically, flowers fountained fragrantly, filling gateways, garages, gutters.  Glorious, heavenly Hyacinths harvested happily in islands in inland India jostled jauntily, jarring juicily. Korean Kingcups kissed Kenyan lilacs, lounged listlessly lengthwise making mouthwatering muskiness.  Men nodded, never noticing Nicotiana over openings, only old people paused, pressed petals, quietly quizzing, quaintly rubbing red roses, rigorously smelling succulent scents. Soon sultry summer temperatures tumble, taking the uplifting, unique, unusual, ushering vapid, vacant, verges with wild windy weather.  Winter xeranthemum, yesterday’s yellowing yarrow, Zinnias zapped.

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week 13

This week’s prompt was a bit easier!  The prompt words are ‘the unseasonal weather…’  Here is my contribution:

The unseasonal weather took them all by storm.  They drizzled into the stadium, their faces clouded with concern.  Their minds were fogged and voices rumbled like thunder.  The lights dimmed and a sudden lightning flash illuminated the stage, where a diminutive figure breezed into view.  She raised her hand and shouted ‘Hail!’ and the crowd returned her greeting, at first frostily, but then with more heat.  The crowd surged, tempestuous, a howling gale of people, rising on a thermal then falling again as the storm stilled. There was silence as deep as new snow.