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#100WCGU Grey

Friends and family waiting in the chilled, stone chapel whispering conspiratorially. The only sounds were the wheezing of the old organ and the sporadic clearing of throats. Threads of warm breath rose into the air as anticipation took hold of the assembled crowd. Everyone knew that she was unconventional and wondered what dress she had chosen. He stood at the front, trembling visibly, occasionally glancing backward to make sure she would arrive. A flurry of activity signalled that she had. No-one wanted to turn round but a gasp from the back made them do so. She appeared in voluminous grey!


I really tried not to laugh 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups

You never get two children the same. My first baby grew up to be studious and highly-strung, with drive to be the best at everything. My youngest was full of laughter and fun – so laid-back that she was almost horizontal.  The first was disciplined firmly. A family friend once said ‘Your children are so good in public, you MUST beat them in private!’ (We didn’t!)  The youngest proved impossible to discipline. You could rant and rave at her as much as you liked but a little face would appear round the door with a big grin. I really tried not to laugh but it was impossible.

P.S. Sorry, my two lovely girls, for publishing this photo of you. 

Oh my goodness!

Well, just look at that.  How long have I neglected my blogging? I have excuses, of course. I moved house, I’m now a full-time carer for my 82 year old dad and BT have given us nightmares with our order for a landline and broadband. (47 days in and still waiting!)
However, enough of the excuses. It is time to get back on track and writing again.  The book I was writing is still sitting there waiting for a suitable ending but I do intend to complete it. I really want to take part in this week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups and also in the Gransnet competition to write a children’s bedtime story.  So, I must get motivated and get cracking!
Watch this space and feel free to nag me if I don’t do as I say!