Christmas Lunch Saga

Well, once again, Julia set us an epic challenge.  We were to write a piece about Christmas dinner which would fit to the tune of a Christmas carol or song.  On top of that, it was to try and be 100 words.
Ah well, two out of three wasn’t too bad.  I chose ‘Good King Wenceslas’ but then realised that the verses are made up of two parts, therefore I couldn’t get it down to 100 words and went well over.
Sorry, Julia!
Here goes – Christmas lunch from a mother’s point of view – sing along!
Up at seven really dark
Get the oven on low
To the garage, such a lark
Fetch that turkey in Flo
What? You’ve dropped it on the floor?
Never mind just wash it,
Shove it in and shut the door
They will still all nosh it
Pud is in the microwave
Only takes a minute
Get your fingers off that, Dave
Starter’s burned, just bin it
Who will peel the sprouts today?
Don’t all jump at once though
I’ll do carrots, you just play
Glass of Sherry number four
Bottle’s empty get some more
I am feeling merry
Dropped the stuffing on the floor
They are hungry, hurry
Table’s set, it’s chaos here
Check the state of the roast
Turkey’s black but never fear
We can just have beans on toast!

12 responses to “Christmas Lunch Saga

  1. Loved this and loved singing it out loud. I like the fact that all these things are happening but who cares because we're on glass of sherry number four. Polly

  2. Good old sherry, blurs the pain. Loved this piece – it rings bells! I'm not saying what though!

  3. Haha! Can just picture it!!

  4. GSussexLoving the classics . . Don’t all jump at once though! And . . . Glass of Sherry number four! It sings well!!

  5. Haha this is fab 😀 will resonate with many ( hic… :-D)

  6. Very funny :)so many catastrophic lunches this week

  7. Love it! Bring on glass number 5! Very funny – well done!

  8. Just have the bottle Lovey – you can still get an Indian Take Away on Christmas Day.This went very well with that tune.

  9. I love this!! It scans really well and presents such a great picture of many homes on Christmas day I'm sure!!It is so good of you to join in the festive silliness!Thank you!

  10. ha ha! Very funny – love the turkey on the floor 😀

  11. Hee hee – soo funny! The line about beans on toast remninds me of my family Christmas dinners. We've always been believers that Christmas isn't about the turkey so over the years our Chrismas dinners have been: curry, porkpie chips and beans, fajitas, jam butties up on Ilkley Moor….

  12. I was right there singing along with you and loved the turkey on the floor bit x

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