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White Rabbit

A new challenge from the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups.  This week we have to include “‘What was the rabbit late for?’ wondered Alice.’ But there’s a twist. The final 10 words will be used by someone else next week to start their writing! I tried to make the last 10 words suitable for a story start!

Alice lay back in the garden swing, rocking it back and forth in the warm Spring sunshine, feeling drowsy. Suddenly, a small, white rabbit scuttled across the lawn as if being pursued by a wild beast. She pondered this fact, curious to know why there was a white rabbit in her garden. Surely wild rabbits weren’t white?
Her mind rolled back to sitting on her mother’s knee, reading her favourite book ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Her memories flooded back.
‘What was the rabbit late for,’ wondered Alice and asked her mother out loud.
‘I can’t tell you. It was a secret, just between us. We promised to tell no-one.


Woodland Surprise

They reached a clearing where a ray of sun penetrated the gloom, illuminating a square of dark green moss. The two elves grinned with pleasure, turning their pointed chins upwards and drinking in the warmth and light. Nestled in the roots of the nearest tree lay a red box. It was so out of place there that the two elves gasped and scuttled over to investigate. They ran their bony little fingers over the surface of the box, wanting to lift the lid, both tiny hearts fluttering in giddy anticipation.
‘You do it!’
‘No, you do it!’
Slowly, both lifted the lid gently.


 Ellen looked around, dismayed. The water squeezed into her plimsolls and she winced as it squelched between her toes. The water was cascading down the stairs of its own free will and once over the shock of finding her home submerged she leapt into action, taking the stairs two at a time and bursting into the bathroom. The bath was full to the top, spilling over across the floor, under the door, on to the landing and down the stairs. She grabbed the tap and shut it off firmly. Ben’s bedroom door opened and he met her hard gaze.
‘But I turned it off, honestly!’

A Special Child

100 Word Challenge for Grown-Ups can be found here. Please read some of the entries and comment to encourage budding writers.

The child was stunningly beautiful. Everyone remarked on it as Beth pushed her around in the clear Spring air as a baby. She improved even more as a toddler. Big, round, blue eyes, a perfect pout, golden curls tied up in a blue ribbon – she was picture-book perfect. But soon it was apparent that something was different. She didn’t talk when others did, avoided people and preferred her own company, quietly creating beautiful things out of nothing. Beth knew that she was something special on that beach holiday when simple driftwood became an amazing horse at her hands.


She sat staring ahead, unable to believe what had just happened. He waited for an answer, watching for a reaction, anything on her face which might give him a clue. After what seemed like minutes she turned towards him and her mouth opened but no words came out.
“I know you’ve been hurt before. I promise I won’t do what he did.”
She knew in her heart that he wasn’t capable of doing what Charles had done but it would take a huge leap of faith to agree to what he was proposing.

“OK, yes, I will marry you. Yes!”