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I’ve never
been a
fan of
coloured                stones.
Diamonds.                    That’s what
I like.                                              Clear,
unblemished,                                                  neat and
sparkling. He,                                                  on the other
hand, doesn’t                                                          agree with
jewellery. Waste                                                        of money, in
his opinion.                                                              So, it was a total
surprise when                                                                      he handed
me a small,                                                                  velvet box with
a glint in his                                                               eye and a silly
grin. All the                                                                time I’d hinted
about that                                                                     beautiful
eternity ring                                                            and thought 
it had fallen on                                                      deaf ears.  
I unclipped                                               the catch
and opened                                         the lid.
  Ruby. I’ve                                never been
          a fan of                  coloured stones.
And ruby hated the 
most of all.

The End

100 Word Challenge for Grown-Ups, week 39
A nice straightforward one this week. Prompt shown in bold.
Why not take a look at others here:

The scented, white sheets formed a soft envelope around her. She looked peaceful and serene with no sign of the pain inside which had ravaged her body for months. The family surrounded the bed, watching her chest rise and fall – the interval growing ever wider.  Then, she was looking down at them, as if floating somewhere overhead. There was warmth and light as she watched proceedings below, those she loved around the bed, silent.
‘I’m exhausted. Shut the door behind you…..’ she whispered with a sigh.
She held herself back momentarily as they watched her lifeless body, realisation dawning, and began to weep for their terrible loss.

George and the Dragon

A real challenge this week to write a sonnet of 14 lines, 10 syllables per line, based on the story of George and the Dragon.

The scaly beast glowed green and fiery breath
Lit up the night and scorched the skin of man
And all around were quaking, fearing death
As no-one had an answer nor a plan
Some miles away the news was heard with speed
And George responded with a toss of head
Prepared his lance, his shield and trusty steed
And vowed to meet the beast and leave it dead
He made his way through streets of silent stone
Where people hid inside their homes in fear
The dragon stood amazed at George alone
Who’d come to kill him and he shed a tear
But George was calm, determined and unswayed
He plunged his lance and swiftly dragon slayed

Six fluffy, tabby kittens

This week’s entry into the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups continues from last week. We wrote a piece last week and had to finish it with 10 words which would form the beginning of someone else’s piece this week. 

Cats? Oh no, Mrs Skinner is looking straight at me.  Surely she will notice that something is not quite right. They won’t stay quiet for long and I know that when she finds out I will be in serious trouble.  She starts to rub the end of her nose in irritation and then sneezes. This is it then. Her loud sneezes stir the little kitties from their slumber and they begin to mew, quietly at first and then increasing in volume. She strides across the room and stops at my desk.
‘Miss Carruthers! What have you got in that basket?’
I stammer in panic. ‘K-k-kittens, Miss. Six fluffy, tabby kittens.’