Monthly Archives: March 2021

Beach Joy

Occasionally, something happens which brings me back to blogging. Today, we had our afternoon dog walk on the beach. We are so lucky in Hartlepool to have beautiful beaches but we have one favourite. The beach along the Headland is superb. It s clean and deserted, with the most amazing industrial pier which was part of the Steetley Magnesite works until 2005. The skeleton of the amazing pier stands proudly as a reminder but marks our walk target because from parking to pier and back again is exactly two miles.

Alfie dragged us down the steps to the beach today and proceeded to bunny hop along the beach – something he only does when filled with joy. My idea of joy is to get my toes in the sand and then in the sea. Today the sea was freezing, so the feet didn’t stay in long!

There were only a few people there today, which is quite normal for this beach. One man was fishing, up to his thighs in seawater, two people were surfing – hardly surprising as the waves were amazing today with lots of white horses galloping on to the beach.

As we walked back, we were both reminiscing about how, as children, we lay on our backs in fields, listening to the Skylark sing high in the cloudless sky. I was swept back to the Mill Field in Easington, where I spent holiday time with my Grandma. A Skylark sang its song high above the Headland to accompany us back to the car.

A joyful afternoon, only a couple of miles from home.