CA205056-B403-4ECB-8418-95A0B28BEAEA9E54511A-7B03-4CC4-89BF-C40E405212BC3C585625-3C2C-4931-A715-0FC7C556A0BDC2788D38-67B4-4E19-855B-DD3769272CB4C2E147D5-E664-4053-9A8D-2A10C0DC617CAA61EC42-0441-41D0-A917-B9FEECFFC7FDMy hand-drawn bears can be personalised for any occasion. Once purchased, the image is yours to use in any way you please. All images are shown with an ‘Enterprisegran’ watermark but once payment is received, an electronic version without the watermark will be sent to you.

Each image costs £10. You can pay by PayPal.

Simply  complete the form below and I will send you more details.