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Fly! (100 WCGU Week 59)

Perched precariously, heart pounding in my chest, I could feel the blood rushing through my veins. I had to conquer this fear. I simply had to. I must not look down. The mere thought of doing so made me giddy with terror. I knew what was below and had no desire to confirm this by lowering my eyes. I kept my gaze straight ahead, slowing down my breathing and thinking calm thoughts. I would count to fourteen and then do it. Ten seconds of silence and then I heard a quivering voice ‘eleven, twelve, thirteen…..’.
Wind rushed past my ears.


Seasons of Life (100WCGU Week 58)

I had taken to sitting in the corner of the garden lately, in the wooden love seat we had bought together many years before. The weather was changing and the chill of autumn made my bones ache for long days of warmth and sunshine just as my soul ached for my loss. A soft thud caught my attention – the last, decaying fruit dropped to the soft mulch on the ground. As the apple fell I realised that winter would soon arrive – snow on my head and ice in my heart and quietly he would reach out a hand and take mine once more.

Returning to the routine 100WCGU #57

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week 57
The scents and sounds of the Caribbean were still a potent memory. The heat, the humidity, the incessant nocturnal croaking of the tree frogs, the scent of tropical flowers, the crashing of the waves on the perfect sandy shore, the taste of the rum punch – all now memories but still so clear. She pulled up her raincoat collar and stepped out of the front door. Rain was lashing down and gurgling along the roadsides, traffic sending spray across the grey pavement. A chill wind whipped her coat around her tanned legs. Memories faded in a wink as she found herself returning to the routine.

Being clear (100Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week 56)

Being clear is essential to relationships. That means all relationships – even those online. Be honest and fair. Decide in advance how much of yourself you are prepared to give and others will accept that even though they may not agree. When the shiny screen that is the window to your online world becomes clouded by uncertainty and doubt, relationships are lost behind the misted glass, some see things that are not there, troubled wraiths scratching at the glass for release, others struggle to find what was once there but seems to be no more. Many questions but no answers all because we were not clear.