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A Poem for Year 3 with lots of size words in

I found a book in grandma’s loft and it was full of spells
A big fat book with thin, grey pages and fusty, dusty smells
I took the book down her long stairs and into the small dark room
Examined the teeny tiny letters through the growing murky gloom
The first one was to turn a child into a giant tree
I only needed a miniscule fly and the sting of a podgy bee
A leaf from a towering oak came next and a long grey squirrel’s tail
A massive grape, a mini feather and a puny garden snail
Apparently I’d have to use a whopping cooking pot
And stir with a jumbo mixing spoon, then strain and drink the lot
I thought about it for the shortest while and went for a wee rest
Deciding that being an oversized tree would not be for the best 

A Child’s Fear

OK. So I cheated. The prompt is ‘Euro Meltdown Fear’ and I’m supposed to do it like a journalist. I’ll probably get drummed out of the 100 Word Challenge for Grown-Ups Club for this entry.  I’ll try and do a proper one soon.

The days were short and temperatures dropped like a stone. Despite the freezing temperatures, Matias played outside, swaddled in coats, gloves and scarves to shield him from the bitter blast.  They built a wonderful man of snow and he was now sporting a bright scarlet scarf and standing proud outside of Matias’ bedroom window.  Matias was ready for bed, his nose pressed against the window, checking that his creation was safe, tears streaming silently down his cheeks.  Mother saw this and hugged him.  ‘Yuuro will be fine’ she cooed.  It is so cold, there is no Yuuro meltdown fear tonight.’

Artistic Kids – Week 5

This week’s title was ‘The Nightwatchman’
I had several goes at this one!  I finally came up with my usual childish variety of drawing, featuring a very watchful owl, waiting for his first catch of the night.

Artistic Kids – Week 2

It is time to get arty again.  During the holidays, I missed my usual entry for Mr Leach’s Artistic Kids blog which can be found here  I knew the title and had done the artwork, but because I was in France, I didn’t get to send it in time.  Anyway, the title was ‘Snake Geometry’.
This was my version:

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week 11

This week’s prompt:
‘….out of the mouths of babes’
This one is dedicated to a particular young lady who will read this and recognise herself.
*Tiddles is a pseudonym to protect the identity of the Siamese cat in question

She was the embodiment of ‘out of the mouths of babes’.  Like the time she said she could have white wine aged six because it said so on the label.
‘Where?’ questioned her mother’
‘There!’ she declared, ‘See? Serve Child’.
Or when she told the rather posh neighbour that the cat’s name was Tiddles* but daddy usually called him ‘Cooking Fat’.  Or when she told her sister that the big chemist shop in the city sold ‘those things religious people put on their heads’ and then dragged her to the shelf that housed the muslin squares.
Her mother wished she’d logged them in a best-selling book.

100 Word Challenge Week 10

One look in the mirror told her that she was past her best. George looked at her frown and his heart melted. Ladies didn’t like growing old.
‘Sweetheart, you look beautiful to me. Your hair may be thinner but I can still see the colour of your youth. Your body was always voluptuous and now there’s even more of it to love. Your bottom, which was always my favourite part of you, is now so pudgy and even better to squeeze!’
It was unfortunate for George that she had just picked up the heavy-based frying pan to make tea.