The Mail – Part 2

The challenge over Christmas was to write 50 words and then complete someone else’s 50 words by adding a next part. 

I chose this entry:

This is very much my style of writing and felt comfortable for me.  However, I think I’ll try a couple more before the end of the week.

 ‘The other cards tumbled to the floor like the snow outside the door.  She tilted sideways against the wall for support.  The grandfather clock drummed out the seconds, sapping holiday joy from the fairy lights, leeching colour from the tinsel, silencing radio carols.  She stroked the words with her thumb.’

Her mind was in complete turmoil.  Months ago, she would have given anything to receive this – confirmation that he was safe and well somewhere. Now, having been through the storm and emerged with new hope and a new man, she felt sick to the core, not knowing what to do.


5 responses to “The Mail – Part 2

  1. brilliant! Thanks for choosing my piece to continue. Can't wait to see what you write next!

  2. Intriguing continuation Lynda. I hope someone comes along with a part 3 for this. I want to know what next.

  3. I think your commenting setting have changed along with your great new-look blog so I'm trying it out. I love your ending of The Mail. Just shows how we move on and can end up wanting completely different things.

  4. Yes! When I was spring cleaning it, I noticed I had overlooked a setting for comments. Put it right now so anyone in the whole wide world can comment now. Thanks for letting me know you were having a problem with it.

  5. Now that is the signal for another episode if ever I saw one! Great writing that does perfectly carry on as if it were the same writer!

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