This week’s 100 Word Challenge was to include a particular phrase from The King James Bible.  The ‘apple of his eye’ one was the one I chose because it fits perfectly with the novel I am currently writing, called ‘The Year’.  It is a love story but with a rather tragic twist and tells the story of how one person’s desperation can have horrific consequences for others.  Whether it ever gets to print or not is debatable but I have enjoyed writing it so much.
She was the apple of his eye, who sat on his knee for a story, who came to him for a hug when she was hurt.  He could still taste the saltiness of her tears and feel the plump little cheek under his thumb as he wiped them away.  She was the child he’d always wanted and the only one he’d ever had.  He wanted to take her down the aisle, bathed in orange blossom and white net. He hoped to be there for her for such a long time. This blow came like a kick to the stomach.  He was winded and couldn’t breathe.

14 responses to “Paternity

  1. What happened to cause a reaction like that? Such poetic description of a father and daughter relationship. Love your "bathed in orange blossom and white net" phrase. Keep on with your novel!

  2. You might need to read the novel to get the answer. Don't want to give too much away!

  3. I agree with Anna – this is a lovely description of the father/daughter relationship. I too wonder what has happened…I'm thinking maybe the C word? Looking forward to getting my copy signed when you get it published!

  4. No, Sally-Jane. Not that.The clue is in there but I don't want to spoil it by being too specific as it is the main focus of the story.

  5. Oh no! I want the book! This is too, too enticing. Excellent stuff Lynda and so pleased you're writing a book! I can't wait.

  6. And we wonder if it was something that happened to him or something that happened to her… Nice hook!

  7. Lovely writing, Linda! I'm with Dughall on the book news!

  8. Can you just reassure me there's a happy ending? Please?? Great teaser piece.

  9. Sadly no. This can only end in unhappiness. I've written 3000 more words tonight and it is the saddest part of the story. It can't have a happy ending really but I'll do my best.

  10. Oh my – powerful stuff. I ache for that man… is it betrayal, death. I nearly cannot bear it. Brilliant writing.

  11. Breathtaking in its breadth but also simplicity.

  12. I am really wondering if it is something that happened to him or to her? I'll keep searching for clues.

  13. What a beautiful piece. Having lost my dad to the C word before my wedding, this piece felt very personal to me. Brilliant writing. x

  14. Wow! This so makes me want to read that novel L! Great character building and such a cliff hanger at the end but without the da da da dah!

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