The Potion

This week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown-Ups is to include the phrase ‘are you sure it should be that colour?’ and we were allowed to produce 150 words plus the prompt.

They looked into the depths of the copper pot and the churning liquid within.
‘Are you sure it should be that colour?’ asked Gabby.
‘Well I did follow the instructions!’ she retaliated, indignant that Beth should even ask such a silly thing.
‘I expected it to be blue really but this is more like a sickly green.’
Beth glanced over her shoulder at the tiny writing in the old book, squinting against the late afternoon sunlight filtering through the cobwebbed shutters.
‘I wonder if I missed something?’ she muttered, to no-one in particular.  Suddenly the pot began to gurgle and shudder.
‘It’s working, it’s working!’ Beth shrieked. ‘Quick, put your hands in and spread it on your face! Let’s see what it can do.’

11 responses to “The Potion

  1. Oh yes! More, more! So many questions. So much left hanging. Well done Lynda.

  2. Oh, that sounds dangerous. Maybe Beth should try it out first! :).

  3. OOeeerr, I'm not sure that I would want to put that anywhere near my face! I wonder what it will do to them? An elixir of youth? An invisibility potion? What fun! Beautiful description too. I'm envious. Well written.

  4. oh I love this. This is right up my street. More please x

  5. Oh yes Lynda – let's see what it can do. Next installment please! I've got a feeling it's not going to turn out too well for them though.

  6. Potions do come in all sorts of strange shades, enjoyed, Robin

  7. Love how this develops!

  8. Love the 'try it on your face'. I must say I would not! Super piece.

  9. Ooh, this sounds really dangerous. Two girls left alone with an old spell book (from the sounds of it) makes a brilliant story. Polly

  10. Is this how Este Lauder started – lolI wish I new what the potion did do

  11. Oh my goodness! What fun! I didn't see that coming! Very clever L!

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