This morning we wake up to the news that the Royal Baby is on the way. I have nothing against the Royal Family and the arrival of any new baby is an exciting event. My whinge is that of the media coverage of such an event and I know from my twitter feed this morning that I am not on my own.

I have been watching BBC Breakfast but I am sure that whatever your chosen morning news coverage medium is, you will have had the same sort of sycophantic rubbish bombarding your ears. There will be no further announcements until the baby is born and the Queen has been informed. So why are we having to endure the updates every few minutes from the front door of the Lindo Wing? There’s even a livestream of the front door if you look for it online. What sort of idiot is going to sit there for 10, 18, 24, 36 hours, watching for someone to appear holding an envelope and then driving off in a car?

It gets worse. Let’s now talk to an obstetrician about what will be happening to a new mother as she books in to the birthing unit. Noooooo! Most of us know first hand what happens. Actually, for those of us who aren’t royal, we’d be sent home with Paracetamol and told to come back when the contractions were two minutes apart or something.

Today might be a day to avoid all forms of media and go and do something else. Not out of any disrespect to the Royal couple and their impending birth, but to avoid the boredom and inanity of the news that there is no news.


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