Washing lines

I recently bought a retractable washing line. It is a useful thing to have I suppose as there are times when you want to dry or air items outside in the fresh air. I have used it a couple of times but have to confess I am a bit disappointed with the experience.

I know I shouldn’t constantly use the tumble drier as I should be caring for the environment more and being more frugal with my energy use. But it is so easy and the clothes come out smelling divine and feeling soft and fluffy.

I put a load of washing out last week. It was a hot day with a light breeze – perfect drying conditions, I thought. They swayed around for most of the day, making the garden look very untidy. I took them in late afternoon (unlike some of my neighbours who seem to leave them out for days) and stuck my nose in the washing basket, expecting to smell fresh air and sunshine. They actually didn’t smell very pleasant at all. Moreover, they still felt a touch damp. How could that be?

I duly ironed them and left them to air but have to confess I felt a bit let down by the whole experience. By choice, I would use the tumble drier every time.

I’m sure my grandchildren would enjoy a blanket thrown over the washing line as a play tent though.


3 responses to “Washing lines

  1. I have never thought of washing on the line as ‘untidy’. It always makes me feel a bit proud, because I’ve done something in a proper housewife way for once.

    I must also confess that I have left the washing out overnight before. I never thought anyone was judging me for it. But they are! YOU are Lynda! I’m so ashamed of myself now :$

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