I feel a real dilemma about people who knock at your door trying to sell something. One side of me admires their entrepreneurial spirit and the fact that they have got off their backsides and done something to help the situation they are in. The other side of me resents the encroachment of my personal space and worries about whether they are genuine, safe and legitimate.

Yesterday I was home alone and the doorbell rang. Bearing in mind my lovely new young next door neighbours were burgled while they slept last week, I almost didn’t answer the door. But I did. In the haste to get it over with I didn’t even put the door chain on. Idiot. The man there was charming. He politely told me who he was and I quickly interjected and told him I really didn’t want to buy anything at the door. His charm offensive continued and as he left up the footpath he told me he hoped I had a lovely day. I felt awful. Now I know he probably was muttering under his breath and calling me names in his head and the charm was probably a result of good training, but I still felt horrible at sending him away.

In our previous house, which was a bit more remote, we hardly ever had anyone knock at the door for anything. (There was one horrendous experience which I may tell another time). But since moving on to a large housing estate, we get regular callers. 

‘Have you got a window cleaner?’

‘Do you need your garden done?’

‘Would you be interested in solar panels?’

‘I am selling my paintings’

Also we get at least two flyers and takeaway menus a week through the letterbox and have had about 48 charity bags posted in the six months we’ve lived here.

I could put a sign in the window but to me this feels very rude. So I guess I will continue to answer the door and politely tell the  person there that I am just not interested and then feel bad as they walk away.


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