Coat Hangers

I have an unreasonable hatred of coat hangers. Why has nobody invented a better way to hang up clothes by now? They get tangled up in each other and actually make getting clothes in and out of the wardrobe even harder. I used to put the empty ones in a laundry basket ready for ironing day but that soon stopped after several frustrating minutes of trying to get them out again while they grabbed on to their friends, refusing to leave each other.

I find the same problem in shops. Once they cross over each other it is almost impossible to take an item in your size off the rack without removing three or four other garments. There is something a bit distasteful about their randomness as well. The wardrobe tends to be full of hangers which came with the clothes you bought. Some are black plastic, some cream, some just metal wire. There are the ones with little gripping pegs on the top, ones with a bar at the bottom for hanging trousers, big chunky ones with a curve on them designed for men’s suit jackets that take up loads of room. When empty, they jangle menacingly when you open the wardrobe door as if to say ‘Don’t even think about trying to take me off this pole!’

Yes….I definitely hate coat hangers.


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