I might have mentioned before that I am a tad OCD. This can be a heavy burden to carry. Today, the job most on my mind is to clean and disinfect the wheely bin. It was emptied yesterday and I brought it back into the garage but noticed it was a bit stinky. A weird conversation then ensued with my online friend Tony about bagging up rubbish and that inspired today’s whinge.

I use wheely bin liners. These are great inventions which usually protect the bin from direct contact with rubbish. My town has a really good recycling system so only the very smallest amount of ‘stuff’ makes its way into the general rubbish bin. It is usually just peelings (we must get a compost bin) and left-over food. I hate left-over food as I think we waste so much of it these days but when looking after an elderly person and occasionally two little boys, there tends to be a fair amount of uneaten food to dispose of.  Until recently, the wheely bin liners have done their job well but I have noticed recently that they seem smaller. No matter how much I pull and tug, the top edge will not go round the lip of the bin, so one corner is always off. Consequently when you throw the rubbish in, the corner collapses and stray food goes down the gap. I take extra care to hit the liner but that Mr. Whinge…..well, he is NOT OCD so he just aims, fires then walks away.

So I blame the wheely bin liner makers for the fact that today I’ll be donning the yellow rubber gloves, arming myself with Zoflora and using the sweeping brush to get at the odds and ends festering in the bottom of the bin. 

Then I’ll be happy, knowing that when I lift the lid, it will smell of Carnations or Sweet Peas instead of just plain stinky.


2 responses to “Bins

  1. Ah. But we have a flip top bin built I to the kitchen, with bags that fit. When they are full they are tied up and go into the bin in the garage. Only time we need to disinfect is if one of them splits.

  2. Clearly I need to rethink my waste disposal system. I aspire to be as posh as you, Mr. G.

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