100 Word Challenge Week 10

One look in the mirror told her that she was past her best. George looked at her frown and his heart melted. Ladies didn’t like growing old.
‘Sweetheart, you look beautiful to me. Your hair may be thinner but I can still see the colour of your youth. Your body was always voluptuous and now there’s even more of it to love. Your bottom, which was always my favourite part of you, is now so pudgy and even better to squeeze!’
It was unfortunate for George that she had just picked up the heavy-based frying pan to make tea.


7 responses to “100 Word Challenge Week 10

  1. Love it, Lynda. So true to life – men really do dig themselves in deep when they are trying to be reassuring. So far my husband hasn't been as unfortunate as George, but it could still happen!

  2. Lynda – that's me above! I seem to have input xx somewhere, sometime and now it keeps putting that and I can't change it. Sally-Jayne

  3. Ah those good intentions! And how misplaced they can be sometimes. A really good observation!

  4. Beautifully observed and so true. I hope George survived the frying pan.

  5. ooops poor George, he had the best intentions there. x

  6. Unfortunate George, savvy enough to tell what she's thinking, but not savvy enough to escape her wrath. Nice transition.Robin

  7. Oh I so understand how that feels. I love the frying pan bit. George was very creative with his descriptions! Bless him!Thank you so much for finding the time to join in!

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