100 Word Challenge for Grown-ups Week 8

Taking part in this weekly challenge has really encouraged me to write more.  I have started to write a book and am up to Chapter 4.  This week’s prompt fits beautifully with the part of the story I am currently writing.  So….here for the first time, a snippet from my first book!

The alarm went off and for a moment Sarah lost her bearings.  The sounds were different – a clock ticked loudly somewhere in the house, someone clattered in a distant kitchen, unusual birdsong came through the window.  It smelled unlike grandmother’s house.  The sheets felt crisper and the quilt weighed heavily and warmly against her.  She lay there for some time taking in these sights, sounds and smells, filling her senses with them and processing the information slowly and meticulously. Then a mist of concern rolled into her mind as she thought of Daniel. She felt it as an icy chill which made her shudder. 


7 responses to “100 Word Challenge for Grown-ups Week 8

  1. I love the way the mood changes from warm and cozy to terror in just a few lines. I wonder who Daniel is and what has happened. Look forward to reading more of this book as and when you are ready to post.

  2. Daniel is not a bad person….but Sarah has feelings for him that she doesn't want to admit to. It's complicated.Glad you like it – you can have a signed copy when it's published. Haha.

  3. mmm, intriguing. Began innocently and ended in a far darker way! Keep writing 🙂

  4. I'm going to hold you to the signed copy!

  5. I'm so pleased that you have been prompted to write again! This is great. It has lots of different tiny ripples running though it, taking your readers to an array of possibilities. Brill!BTW – I hope there is a small note about the 100WCGU in the flyleaf! 😉

  6. Ooh, I'm intrigued. This also feels familiar as I've spent the last week waking up in unfamiliar places.

  7. Excellent imagery. Keep it up x

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