Me too

Why do some people think that the world revolves around them? I used to know someone at work who, no matter what you’d done, where you’d been, what ailment you had, she had been there and done that first. She became renowned for it. People added to their conversations ‘I bet ‘N’ has had that’ or ”N’ will have been there.’ She must have had arthritis, conjunctivitis, piles, varicose veins and vertigo in the past. She had obviously visited the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Amazon Rainforest and the North Pole (maybe even the Moon!).

Far from making herself be the empathetic individual she aimed to be, she became a laughingstock and a subject of derision.

Oh, N, I wonder where you are now and who you are annoying with your ‘Me too’ replies?


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