I watched BBC Breakfast this morning and was disgusted by the article on homophobia in football. I looked at the faces of those chanting in the crowd, faces contorted with hatred of people who were only guilty of loving someone who is the same sex. Given the choice of living next door to the chanter or the gay person, I know who I would choose.

What is it about football that seems to bring out the worst people in society? The biggest issue in recent years has been racism but it seems that homophobia is now just as prevalent. Clubs have the technology and power to expel these people from the stadium and never allow them back in so why is this not being done? Might it be that with money being the key issue for modern clubs, they would rather turn a blind eye and keep these people rolling in through the turnstiles, paying the megabucks it costs for each seat?

For this reason, I would never go to a match and I admire those decent people who do support week after week and are exposed to this hatred and extremism born of complete ignorance.


One response to “Hatred

  1. I must say I have never heard a homophobic chant, but I agree it’s a major problem. Unfortunately racism is rife still and my husband has tackled a few people who decided to share those views publicly. The worst thing I have ever heard was a man shouting at the ref that he hoped his wife died of cancer. I don’t quite know what it is that turns some people into monsters at the football… I’m sure that 9/10 wouldn’t be like that in other circumstances.

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