Inconsiderate driving

You’ll all have been there. You are driving along and there’s a point in the road where two vehicles can’t pass. You wait and flash your lights or show in some way that you are giving way to the oncoming driver. Most of the time you will get a thank you. But occasionally, you will get no response as the other driver cruises past, ignoring your good manners and consideration. It makes you think that next time you will just motor on through regardless and make them wait. I have to admit that I am generally mild mannered and kind but once I get into a car I sprout devil’s horns and go through a Jekyll and Hyde type of transformation. What is it about driving that turns us into monsters?


2 responses to “Inconsiderate driving

  1. I usually comment using the vernacular! Once when someone cut me up at a roundabout, I was free with said vernacular. The driver must have read my lips in his rear view mirror because he gave me a very strange wave ( sort of up and down) If he was suggesting something, he clearly did not note my gender …

  2. I’ve seen that peculiar wave before. My husband said it is because he thinks I am a banker. At least, I think that’s what he said?

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