Winter Wedding 100WCGU Week 74 ‘the extreme weather meant’

They had planned this day for months. Every detail had been pored over.  A January wedding would represent a new start for both of them – a chance to put the past to bed and set their sights on the future. Two days before the wedding the skies darkened and snow began to fall in waves. The extreme weather meant a few changes but if anything made the day even more beautiful. Afterwards he led her outside and as huge flakes fell towards them, swept her up in his arms and carried her to the waiting car in a blur of snow, lace, and orange blossom.


Photo credit: jonasj / / CC BY-SA


8 responses to “Winter Wedding 100WCGU Week 74 ‘the extreme weather meant’

  1. awww what a lovely little story 🙂 so romantic

  2. This must have been a beautiful wedding – I can just picture the snowflakes instead of confetti. Winter weddings can be lovely. My brother got married in December. He and his fiancée prayed for snow, and we have some great pictures of us all ankle deep in snow with a frozen lake behind.

  3. What a lovely piece; one to warm the soul. Snowy weddings look so pretty. I am glad that I read this 🙂

  4. Very lovely image. You can’t beat a winter wedding.

  5. Awww – I was afraid the bad weather would derail the wedding, but you saved the day for your couple! Lovely.

  6. I am so glad that the weather didn’t ruin the wedding! Love wins!

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