Fly! (100 WCGU Week 59)

Perched precariously, heart pounding in my chest, I could feel the blood rushing through my veins. I had to conquer this fear. I simply had to. I must not look down. The mere thought of doing so made me giddy with terror. I knew what was below and had no desire to confirm this by lowering my eyes. I kept my gaze straight ahead, slowing down my breathing and thinking calm thoughts. I would count to fourteen and then do it. Ten seconds of silence and then I heard a quivering voice ‘eleven, twelve, thirteen…..’.
Wind rushed past my ears.


6 responses to “Fly! (100 WCGU Week 59)

  1. Conquering your fears can be quite an achievement. While I am not particularly worried by heights, I'm cautious enough not to take unnecessary risks so I couldn't see myself in this picture. I think, in the position of the person in the picture, my heart would most certainly be pounding. 🙂

  2. I wrote my own story without ever really picturing sitting on that ledge. I would be terrified – and you captured that beautifully.

  3. I don't like heights either, and I could really feel the fear of your character sat on the edge of the ledge.

  4. Oh no! Some fears are better obeyed. (I think he jumped – didn't he? And it's a long, long way down!)

  5. To me this picture represent fear … even the small fear only you can make the decision there is no-one else. The odd thing is I didn't see that when I wrote my piece.

  6. oh no! What did he do? I am intrigued. ~Imelda

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