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Returning to the routine 100WCGU #57

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week 57
The scents and sounds of the Caribbean were still a potent memory. The heat, the humidity, the incessant nocturnal croaking of the tree frogs, the scent of tropical flowers, the crashing of the waves on the perfect sandy shore, the taste of the rum punch – all now memories but still so clear. She pulled up her raincoat collar and stepped out of the front door. Rain was lashing down and gurgling along the roadsides, traffic sending spray across the grey pavement. A chill wind whipped her coat around her tanned legs. Memories faded in a wink as she found herself returning to the routine.

Being clear (100Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week 56)

Being clear is essential to relationships. That means all relationships – even those online. Be honest and fair. Decide in advance how much of yourself you are prepared to give and others will accept that even though they may not agree. When the shiny screen that is the window to your online world becomes clouded by uncertainty and doubt, relationships are lost behind the misted glass, some see things that are not there, troubled wraiths scratching at the glass for release, others struggle to find what was once there but seems to be no more. Many questions but no answers all because we were not clear.

Happy Birthday 100WCGU

Having read some of the other entries, I was wondering if I misunderstood and that the writing was to be suitable to go into the card? Anyway, doing two entries this week will make up for missing a couple.

Your birthday – you are 36
It seems like just last night
That I was on the labour ward
Pushing with all my might.

They handed me our baby boy
All pink and soft and sweet
I looked at you with wonder
Your face, your hands, your feet

I didn’t get a manual
Explaining what to do 
But through the years I learned some tricks
On how to best serve you

Where have those years just disappeared
The toddler, boy and teen?
But gone they have and through it all
You made me feel a Queen

So Happy Birthday, lovely boy
I’ll shed a teardrop maybe
Remembering the years we’ve spent
Since you were just a baby

We may not know the future
And what it holds in store
Whatever might be coming
We’ll love you more and more.

The Surprise Photo 100WCGU

I really am letting things slip. I missed last time’s 100 Challenge and am just squeaking this one in by the skin of my teeth!

Julia’s evil cackle could be heard loud and clear this week with a picture prompt for this photo. If you would like to join us, take a look here:

I have to wait until she goes out to indulge my secret needs. While she’s there I’m just Tom, the ginger cat who cries for food, leaves fur everywhere and occasionally craves attention by spraying against the sitting room curtains. But when she goes out, I have to give in to my desire to be a human. I hide things away throughout the week then drag them out when I get the chance, sit in front of the floor-length mirror and play. I’ve become quite adept at putting things on but this has to be the best yet. So good that I’m just going to get the iPad and select ‘camera’ flip it round so it shows ME and press that little camera button. What a surprise she will have when she opens ‘Photos’ next time!


The prompt for this week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups is ‘the line was drawn’.
If you would like to read other people’s entries or give it a try yourself, please go to 
Please try to read some and comment constructively.

The line was drawn in the wet sand with a gnarled stick they found in the dunes. Neither of them really believed it would make any difference but they were prepared to try anything that might lead to them being found.  Their ears were filled with the thundering waves, whining wind and screaming gulls. Their fingers were numb with the cold spray, yet they continued their task with grim determination.
It was done. A huge letter ‘H’ reached out from their feet, calling to the skies, for any flying object to notice. Tomorrow it would be gone. They’d have to do it all again.

Storm 100WCGU

The prompt for this week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups is ‘the rain turned the road into a river’.
The sky had lain heavily on the village all afternoon and the air fizzed in anticipation of the storm. Even with the windows open, Claire couldn’t breathe. It was almost three o’ clock when the first rumbles were heard in the distance and suddenly day became night. The raindrops fell sporadically at first, drumming on the roof of the car and cracking off the windscreen as Claire set off for the village school to collect the boys. The wipers tried in vain to cope with the downpour and the lightning illuminated Claire’s anxious face in the rear view mirror as the rain turned the road into a river. 

Sorry, dog. 100WCGU

This week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups has to include the phrase ‘I blamed it on the dog’.
Why not give it a go?

I blamed it on the dog. I feel guilty about it now and need to confess. It was such an amazing cake – three layers of moist sponge cake sealed together with butterscotch icing. I’d had three pieces already but there it was in the kitchen, taunting and tempting. Surely nobody would notice if I had just a little more? But even that wasn’t enough and I returned again. When it was demolished I panicked. Smearing the last dregs of butter cream on the dogs face, wiping round my own mouth and putting the empty plate on the floor, I waited for my husband’s return. Sorry, dog.

James 100WCGU

I must get myself better organised and keep up with the 100 Word Challenge for Grown-Ups! Having missed a week somehow, I’m now back on track for week 47.
This week’s prompt is a photograph:
James loved his new play set. It filled the entire floor of his room but as he lay on his tummy, head level with all the buildings, he entered a whole new world where he knew everyone and all of their comings and goings. His favourite building, without doubt, was the garage. He loved its bright colour and distinctive teapot shape. But it was the girl who owned it that he adored most of all. Sarah was always there for him when he wanted to talk. He told her his biggest secrets and shared with her his joys and fears.

Big Society 100WCGU

This week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups draws inspiration from the Olympic Torch relay in the north east.  
The photo shows our friend Dave who was a torch bearer in Hartlepool. Please bear in mind that this is fiction and not meant to portray Hartlepool as the place in this piece. Indeed, I like Hartlepool so much that I’m in the process of selling my house to move there!

Usually a rather dull place, it sat on the coast, often enveloped in mist, with views of the distant industrial complex. People kept themselves to themselves. No ‘Big Society’ here. Doors were locked against crime and nobody asked questions for fear of being nosy.
Yet on that morning, people assembled along the main road, men, women and children, young and old, creating a real buzz of excitement. There was laughter and chatter as anticipation mounted.
‘I can see it!’ shouted a tall man who could see over the others.
People clapped, cheered and whooped as the Olympic torch came by.

Sixty Years 100WCGU

Born in the 50s
A time of hope and good intention
A time to marvel at new invention


A child in the 60s

Music pounding out a rhythmic beat
Grandma tutting from her garden seat
A teen of the 70s
Rabbit’s teeth restrained and braces gone
Ugly duckling hoping to be a swan 


Young woman of the 80s

Met the man she hoped would be her own
Childish fears and issues now outgrown 



Woman of the 90s

Rearing daughters making her so proud
Helping them to stand out from the crowd

Then come the noughties

Career successful, children grown at last
Wondering why the years have flown so fast



Now in the 10s,

Approaching 60’s glare
And I’m the grandma tutting in the chair!