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Winter Wedding 100WCGU Week 74 ‘the extreme weather meant’

They had planned this day for months. Every detail had been pored over.  A January wedding would represent a new start for both of them – a chance to put the past to bed and set their sights on the future. Two days before the wedding the skies darkened and snow began to fall in waves. The extreme weather meant a few changes but if anything made the day even more beautiful. Afterwards he led her outside and as huge flakes fell towards them, swept her up in his arms and carried her to the waiting car in a blur of snow, lace, and orange blossom.


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100 Word Challenge Week 71

 This week’s entry is dedicated to all my teacher friends as they start a new term, working so hard despite all the hurdles being put in their way at the moment. Do what you know is right for the children, helping each other along the way and remember, YOU are the experts – not Government!
They had walked for many miles and their feet were raw and bleeding. On the way, several had stumbled but the strength of the group had ensured that each was helped back to his feet and encouraged along. The wind whistled and blew the icy drizzle into their faces. They couldn’t think of anything other than crossing the border and worrying that they might not make it. Food was such a distant memory that they had ceased to feel hungry and the canteen of water was now empty. A cry rang out ahead. As midnight struck they saw the lights of the crossing. 

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas 100WCGU#70

‘Twas the night before Christmas and she looked in despair
At the mess all around her in her gloomy lair
The tree was pathetic and dying already
The baubles were tarnished and the star so unsteady
The floor was adorned with the mess from the boys
She still had to wrap up their various toys
The kitchen was groaning – a mass all unwashed
Her joy of the season was feeling so squashed
She looked at the telly, at images clear
They showed happy families and great Christmas cheer
The ladies were perfect, their showhouses neat
And she wept in the corner on her comfiest seat

100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups Week 69: Bah! Humbug!

Baubles, tinsel, twinkling lights in lifts
And people bustling through the crowds of others
Anxious faces looking for the gifts
Aimed at mums and dads and wives and brothers
Hopes for better times, a deepening frown
Heavy hearts and faces truly pained
Hunting for some bargains, counting down
Under no illusions, worrying, drained
Moving at a snail’s pace down the road
Bright lights gone, we hear the people groan
Under austere times, a heavy load
Greetings funded by a pay day loan
OK, OK. So I know it isn’t 100 words….but I already had to add extra lines to make the verses right…so BAAAHH HUMBUG!
Have a lovely Christmas, everyone.

100WCGU Week 68 LIFE

I cheated a bit by splitting the phrase this week! Well…..I always was a bit of a maverick!
I tested them all to make sure they worked. When I put them away I wondered what next year would bring. These lights reminded me of life. You could treat them gently, wrap them in soft tissue, store them in a sturdy box in a safe place but despite all your care and attention, you could find at the end of the year that they had mysteriously broken. The last twelve months had taught me that no matter how much care, how much love, how much playing safe you did, there were no guarantees that everything would turn out right.

100WCGU Week 67 I Saw it There

I saw it there, the only one
My eyes dilated
I was fated
I knew my need had to be sated
I paused to think
My breath was bated
A moment’s doubt, myself berated
My hand reached out, too long I’d waited
My fingers trembled, agitated
And nearly there, manipulated
With fingers stretched, mouth dessicated
A sudden move – I’m nauseated
As someone else just captivated
The prize that I prognosticated
My mouth ajar, I’m nauseated
The chocolate is masticated
And I am feeling devastated
He ummed and ahhed, luxuriated
Oblivious, I’m infuriated
I saw it there, and now it’s gone

#100WCGU Grey

Friends and family waiting in the chilled, stone chapel whispering conspiratorially. The only sounds were the wheezing of the old organ and the sporadic clearing of throats. Threads of warm breath rose into the air as anticipation took hold of the assembled crowd. Everyone knew that she was unconventional and wondered what dress she had chosen. He stood at the front, trembling visibly, occasionally glancing backward to make sure she would arrive. A flurry of activity signalled that she had. No-one wanted to turn round but a gasp from the back made them do so. She appeared in voluminous grey!

I really tried not to laugh 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups

You never get two children the same. My first baby grew up to be studious and highly-strung, with drive to be the best at everything. My youngest was full of laughter and fun – so laid-back that she was almost horizontal.  The first was disciplined firmly. A family friend once said ‘Your children are so good in public, you MUST beat them in private!’ (We didn’t!)  The youngest proved impossible to discipline. You could rant and rave at her as much as you liked but a little face would appear round the door with a big grin. I really tried not to laugh but it was impossible.

P.S. Sorry, my two lovely girls, for publishing this photo of you. 

Fly! (100 WCGU Week 59)

Perched precariously, heart pounding in my chest, I could feel the blood rushing through my veins. I had to conquer this fear. I simply had to. I must not look down. The mere thought of doing so made me giddy with terror. I knew what was below and had no desire to confirm this by lowering my eyes. I kept my gaze straight ahead, slowing down my breathing and thinking calm thoughts. I would count to fourteen and then do it. Ten seconds of silence and then I heard a quivering voice ‘eleven, twelve, thirteen…..’.
Wind rushed past my ears.

Seasons of Life (100WCGU Week 58)

I had taken to sitting in the corner of the garden lately, in the wooden love seat we had bought together many years before. The weather was changing and the chill of autumn made my bones ache for long days of warmth and sunshine just as my soul ached for my loss. A soft thud caught my attention – the last, decaying fruit dropped to the soft mulch on the ground. As the apple fell I realised that winter would soon arrive – snow on my head and ice in my heart and quietly he would reach out a hand and take mine once more.