Pre-dawn thoughts

I woke in the early hours yesterday with a strange thought in my head. I was thinking about someone who has some OCD issues and suddenly pictured this situation as an image of a large pool of water, absolutely still, like a sheet of polished glass. This is the state of perfection which must not be spoiled under any circumstances. Woe betide anyone who creates even the tiniest ripple on the surface of this perfect pool. I pictured the water with the merest frisson of air, starting to move and change and then with a small pebble dropped on it, ripples spreading outward in perfect, rhythmic motion. I wondered what effect this would have on him, knowing full well the turmoil this would create for him. I then realised that actually, the perfect surface only reflects the man himself, every feature shown crisply and cleanly. However, the rippling water, disturbed by someone else, begins to reflect faces of others around him, whose lives are affected by his complexities and difficulties.
Let’s all get out there and create some ripples. Perfection is not all it’s cracked up to be.

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