A Big Mistake

Every day newspapers can produce a story that provokes a strong reaction. For me, today, it is the story here:


Now let me clarify. I am NOT a Daily Mail reader. But someone published this link on Twitter (which is my chosen daily newspaper) and I read it and seethed. This is just my opinion, of course, but how badly did her school handle this?

Look at the bottom of the article to see her with hair. It must have been a huge decision to part with such a beautiful head of hair.

Should we not be praising young people who feel strongly about charity and helping others? Should they not have had a quiet word with her about her shaved head but asked her permission to use the story for Press coverage and great PR about the altruism of their students? Should they not have had an assembly with her on the stage and mentioned to the masses that although school generally does not tolerate extreme hairstyles, in this case the girl had raised £1000 for a cancer charity and as such she should be an excellent role model? Should they not have given her the responsibility of organising a charity event in school to raise even more. Think how good they would have looked to the local community. Think of the reaction of her parents, who must feel justifiably proud of her.

But no. They put her in isolation for having an extreme hairstyle. Consequently, they now have ‘bad Press’ and have alienated community and lost the trust of parents.

Sometimes, playing by the rules in school can be a bad thing.



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