More senseless news

What has the news brought us today then?

  • A school refusing to sell a parent’s cupcakes at a cake sale  because she didn’t have a Food Hygiene Certificate.
  • Parking on double yellow lines.
  • Charging people £1200 to go to a tribunal if they feel they’ve been unfairly dismissed.
  • One of my favourite stores banning its employees from joining a union (so I’ll not be shopping there again!)
  • A teacher jailed for having pornographic images of children and images of bestiality.
  • A ‘Superhead’ accused of deal fixing.
  • NHS pulling out of 111 because it is not financially viable.

It is official.

The world really has gone mad.

A world of greed and lies and ridiculous bureaucracy.

A world where compensation is King.

A world where rules can be bent or ignored completely.

A world where ordinary people just don’t matter any more.


One response to “More senseless news

  1. Not only that, but some dolt in London labels our beautiful beloved north-east England ‘desolate’. I’m gnashing my teeth.

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