Unbelievable Stupidity

Today I popped out to Argos to pick up a new steam cleaner. On the way back, approaching some traffic lights, a new little scooter was ambling in front of me so I slowed down rather than overtake it in case the lights changed. The first thing that struck me was that this ‘more mature’ gentleman was not wearing a crash helmet. The lights had changed and this left me right behind him waiting for a green light. I spotted a face in his wing mirrors and could scarcely believe my eyes. Not only was he on a motor scooter with no protective gear on at all, but he had a tiny little girl sitting in front of him on the seat. He was out on a busy main road with no helmet, no arm or leg protection and a small child up front!

I wish now I had taken his number and reported him for endangering such a little life, but I was so shocked that I didn’t have time to do so.

Even at my mature stage of life, there are still things that shock me right on my own doorstep.


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