I have a brain

Is it just me or are we constantly being told things that we have the intelligence to know for ourselves? I’ve talked about the nanny state mentality before but this current spell of glorious weather has presented us with even more opportunities for being told the obvious. Yes, I do know that if I’m on a journey I need a bottle of water, I mustn’t leave my dog in the car, I should take care of my elderly neighbours (actually, in my street, we ARE the elderly neighbours!) and I should put a sun hat and sun cream on my grandchildren if they are playing in the garden.

I really don’t need to be told by TV, radio and twitter what to do and find it most patronising. Stop it at once.



One response to “I have a brain

  1. Being told what to do all the time at school too. Not trusted to have good sense, professional skills, a memory or normal courtesy any longer. Grrrrr.

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