More on Parenting

A couple of days ago, my twitter pal Julia reported about a juvenile seagull called ‘George’ who seemed abandoned on a hotel roof. Then lo and behold, we found we had our very own George on the house roof this afternoon. His little cry was pitiful and mum and dad circled nearby, keeping a watchful eye on him. Occasionally they landed but didn’t feed him. They just sat on the roof near him and then after a few minutes took off again.

After some hours, as I sat in the arbour lapping up the last of the day’s sun, I noticed one of the adults approaching. It wheeled around in the sky then came in towards the tail of the baby. What happened next was amazing. With a heavy push, the parent nudged the little one off the roof, it spread its wings and flew.

This made me think about our role as parents. Sometimes we have to give a little push when our little ones are reluctant to do something which we know is best for them. At the time they may not appreciate our decision but in the long term, they come to realise that it was for the best.

Sadly, I see evidence of some parents who are not there to give that push. Those relationships are dictated by the children – they are in control and the parents fail to realise the significance of this role reversal. Then, when those children get to school, teachers have to somehow instil all sorts of values in loco parentis. I have had several instances over the years of parents telling me that they can’t do a thing with their little darlings and asking me to help.

A few people could do with the determination and drive of that seagull. And they say birds are stupid?


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