Are parents to blame?

I was watching the troubles in Belfast on breakfast TV news this morning. I know that the problems there have a great deal of history behind them but wondered why in places like Ireland and other parts of the world where religion or land is the issue, troubles drag on through centuries.

Each generation has a chance for a fresh start. A child is born with no hate or prejudice. Those feelings are instilled in children by their parents. It is passed on through the generations like a rogue gene, infecting and destroying through the family layers, perpetuating the troubles that we see today. I wonder how many young people truly understand what happened in the past?

If we were all able to put the past well and truly behind us and bring up our children to get along with each other and care rather than hate, how much better would the world be? I suspect that the vast majority of people in troubled areas do exactly that. But while there is the minority where hate, bitterness and anger prevail and it is passed from grandfather to father, father to son, there is no hope of seeing an end to the troubles in some beautiful parts of the world.


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