100WCGU #97 Heat

I was supposed to be born in the Mediterranean. When it is cold, wet and windy,  days are short and dark and the wardrobe is full of jumpers, trousers and boots, I feel gloomy. My arthritis hurts and I want to eat naughty foods for comfort.

When it’s sunny and warm, I feel energised and alive. My arthritis goes to sleep and I dig deep into the wardrobe for summer dresses and pretty sandals. I eat salads and dig in the garden. I want to run and skip and jump and I feel happy to the core.

I love Summer heat.


4 responses to “100WCGU #97 Heat

  1. Fantastic opening line. Me too! Though perhaps not exactly “in” 🙂
    I really like this one!

  2. I definitely think I was born in the wrong place. I can’t stand the heat. No idea why I’m in The Bahamas. I’d much prefer Canada. I feel your pain, but in the opposite way. Haha.
    My response to the prompt: http://www.aliciaaudrey.com/blog/100-word-story-heat/

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