Summer Madness

We get a few days of sunshine and the whole world goes mad. I think that as we don’t see a lot of sunshine, we tend to go over the top when we do get some. I have seen some sights over the last few days! The way some people dress (or undress)  for the warm weather is amazing. This was backed up by an item on BBC Breakfast this morning – socks with sandals, vast areas of exposed flesh, outfits which are more suited to the beach – I’ve seen them all in the last few days. Then we also get the cars zooming by, music turned up full blast, all windows open, the acrid smell of wood smoke as your neighbour tries out their new chiminea, the sizzle of the neighbourhood barbecues, garden centre car parks full and people carrying big boxes of patio furniture out of B&Q.

Next week, those people will be in wooly jumpers to keep out the chill, behind closed doors as the rain falls on their shiny new garden furniture. Summer in England is always uncertain.


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