Now some of you reading this might think that this is about allocating a number and letter to a child. No! I’m talking about getting things level. I have spent the day sweating buckets digging up grass, preparing the ground for an arbour. I thought I’d sit it on four small paving stones to make it firm as we are covering this area in decorative gravel. How hard can it be to put down four paving stones and sit a wooden arbour on top? Well I can tell you – very hard. Armed with my large, yellow spirit level I was like a woman possessed. In the end, I gave up and will tackle it again tomorrow. That darned bubble taunted me by just slipping towards the right of the middle section. No matter what I did, it laughed in my face in a bubble sort of way, refusing to slide just a teensy bit to the left and sit nicely in the middle. 

Anyone else would have said ‘That’ll do. Close enough.’

It’s hard being a bit OCD sometimes.


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