My calendar is usually quiet-ish. I have the odd thing dotted here and there and that is probably just as well really. With an elderly man to care for and two active little boys in my life, I do enough considering this is retirement.

This week, however, is fast becoming a bit of a nightmare. Each day is being squeezed as a rash of dentist appointments, blood tests, parcel deliveries and hospital visiting slots battle for space. Where myself and Mr. Whinge have overlapping appointments, we are swapping vehicles, removing baby seats from one vehicle to another, ensuring that we each know the other’s movements and scheduling that around actually making time to do things together whilst my dad is in hospital –  a rare treat when he is at home. Tomorrow a parcel is coming. I am at the dentist and Mr. Whinge is at the doctor’s. We also have an active 23 month old boy with a bad cold to look after. What do you bet that the parcel (which has to be signed for) arrives at that precise fifteen minute overlap while Mr. Whinge is out and I haven’t yet got back from drilling and filling? 

I sometimes wonder how I coped with constant pressure at work. In retirement, I find I’m seeking an easy life but feel a lot more stressed when it doesn’t turn out that way.


One response to “Calendar

  1. I know the feeling. I guess when I worked it was assumed by my brain that I’d not manage to do a lot of stuff and couldn’t make appointments, go places, wait for deliveries. Nature abhors a vacuum and thus I suspect we take on loads of stuff that we would have not done when working.

    Better this than sitting alone with time on our hands….

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