Thanks to @NuttyA10 for this one.

Why do flies fly at just the same height as an opened window?!

More to the point, once they have entered your home, why can they not do the same trick on the way out? They buzz round and round landing everywhere, bouncing off ceilings and curtains in their excitement at getting in. But can they find that same open window? Oh no. The skill they had on the way in now seems to have disappeared.

Now I’m basically a pacifist and it grieves me to actually kill anything. Even though flies are spreaders of disease, even though they have walked all over a pile of poo before arriving in your home and paddling all over your work surfaces, I’d rather let them out rather than swat or spray. I actually feel upset if I spray them and they lie on the windowsill buzzing in circles on their backs, presumably in agony. I have stood there for ages, encouraging said fly to find the widely opened window by various hand waftings but the little blighters always double back and fly into the depths of the house again. Its mission then is to fly around various rooms randomly for days until exhaustion finally sets in – but not before it finds its way upstairs to the bedroom and waits until you have turned off the light. It then dive bombs your head and bare shoulder, just to remind you that you didn’t manage to get it out of that open window.

Flies are definitely worthy of a Daily Whinge.


One response to “Flies

  1. Given how many trillion of the blighters are out there its remarkable how few do annoy us… one of our cats does a very good line in eating them.

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