I used to love shopping but over recent years I have stopped loving it. I find it much more frustrating and now prefer to shop online whenever possible. For some things though, online shopping is not an option for me. For example, when buying clothes or shoes, I have to try them on. Something which looks good on a model might look like a sack of potatoes on me. I have already blogged about my shoe problem so won’t repeat that.

What annoys you most about shopping? For me it is this:

People who dawdle and block aisles.

People who assemble in groups catching up on news and block the aisle.

People who don’t watch where they are going and ram their trolley into your ankles.

The great unwashed who stink of sweat or worse.

Parents who don’t control their children in a public place.

Inconsiderate parking – especially those who use disabled or child spaces without reason.

Trollies that go sideways.

Supermarkets that change where things are regularly.

The fact that when I have no money, I see loads of things I’d like but when I have some money, I can’t find anything I’d like.

I’m sure there are more. Feel free to add your personal shopping nightmare to the comments below.


One response to “Shopping

  1. Spot fines for all of the above transgressions…. and a shopping trolley driving test!

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