I hate clutter. My idea of Hell would be living in a house full of ornaments, floral wallpapers, patterned carpets and curtains. For an ‘older’ person, I have quite modern taste. I like clean lines, minimalist decoration and plain colours. It has been a lot of fun moving into a beautiful, perfect brand new house and working through room by room, making colour choices and buying furnishings.

I watch a lot of home makeover programmes and it never fails to amaze me that people put their houses on the market and take so little care over how their house appears to the potential buyer. It is hard enough to sell property in the current climate so you have to do something to make your house stand out from the crowd.

It got me wondering whether this principle should extend to life itself. I have gone through times of feeling life was full of clutter and gazing at those with more simple lives with envy. Perhaps we try to fit too much in and sometimes we should step back and reflect on areas of our lives which need a ‘Spring clean’.

This came on a day when a new twitter friend was tidying out her garage and finding it hard to part with some of the things therein. At the same time another twitter friend is coping admirably with terminal cancer,  agreeing with her medical support services that her life should concentrate on fun because laughter really is the best medicine. Time to simplify and declutter.


2 responses to “Clutter

  1. I live in a very cluttered environment and sometimes feel it’s a cause of stress itself. Clutter signifies that I’m not in control of my environment and by extension, my life. It’s a time, energy and space issue, like many things …

  2. I find it so therapeutic to take a room full of ‘mess’ and clear it. The sense of achievement when you stand back and see the fruits of your labour can’t be measured. It’s keeping it like that that is the problem!

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