In the days before the internet, it was clear to see those who were vain. What the internet has done is bring their vanity into your sitting room and workplace. Just as in real life gatherings, in social networks there are blatantly vain people. I’m sure you have all met them at one time or another. They scream ‘Look at me!’, ‘Look how clever I am’, ‘See what this person said about me!’, ‘How gorgeous do I look today?’

Then you get the vanity people’s followers who reply with sycophantic responses, hoping to bathe in the shadows of this great person. They were always there too, but the internet has made them all the more obvious.

Now consider this. If you really were an amazing person, you really wouldn’t have to shout it from the rooftops now, would you? And to those who bask in the shadows, don’t spend your life trying to ‘be’ that vain person. Find your own strength and give it all you’ve got.

But when you finally achieve greatness, please don’t tweet about it or make it your status on Facebook.


One response to “Vanity

  1. The only greatness that matters is how great you feel inside your own head, and you need to keep it firmly shut in there…..

    It matters not a jot to anyone else.

    Too many people who tell others how great they are suffer from massive lack of self esteem.

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