More teacher-bashing

As I said yesterday, each day brings a new criticism of the teaching profession. So, it came as no surprise that today brought another. As well as failing to challenge students, teachers may also be to blame for young people drifting into the English Defence League. 

Finding this hard to believe? Take a look at this article:

I am coming to the conclusion that teachers really must be responsible for everything wrong in the world. It rained today – teachers. The cost of red wine has gone up – teachers. My cat has fleas – teachers. 

I just wonder when this onslaught will end and when these ‘voices’ will be seen for what they really are. Also, when ‘parents’ might be accountable for behaviour, morals and beliefs of our young generation. After all, pupils are in school for just over 6 hours a day which means that they are with parents for over 17 hours a day. I made sure that my children knew what was right and wrong, knew how to be kind and respectful, knew about rights and responsibilities. When they erred, I punished them. When they succeeded I praised them. In either case they were loved and told so constantly (and still are). 

Parents are still the most important and most accountable adults in a child’s life.


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