I watched a TV programme tonight that I thought might make me annoyed. It did, to a degree. It left me wondering if I should maybe set up a restaurant. After all, I actually ate in restaurants and make a pretty good beef stew and dumplings. So that must make me qualified, right?

Or…..maybe I might set up a free hospital. I could probably manage a bit of brain surgery or some liposuction. I once had an operation, so that must make me right for the job, surely?

I’m all for people following their hearts as far as careers go. After all, I spent many years telling children that they should. (Mind you, I always told them to have a Plan B and possibly a Plan C too.) So, you’re a TV chef? OK….that makes it fine for you to get involved in schools – you did actually go to one for fourteen years so that makes you qualified. And if you’re a journalist, well, you also went to school and your English must be reasonable so go for it! You’ll be brilliant. Tell you what, why not try teaching in a deprived area where there are three generations who have never had work, 42% of children are in poverty and parents tell them that University isn’t for ‘people like us’.

What? You only have experience of private school? You don’t want those type of children because it will be harder for them to achieve so the results will look bad? You are scared they’ll give you a hard time and there’s nothing you can do about it?

Awww. Shame.


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