I sometimes wonder who the mysterious ‘they’ really are. Whoever ‘they’ are, they are a complete pain in the backside. When my daughter was pregnant, she often told me about what ‘they’ said. Don’t eat unpasteurised cheese. Don’t eat nuts. Don’t lay the baby on his side. Don’t give them solids before 6 months. ‘They’ seemed to say an awful lot. My reaction was to tell her that actually ‘she’ was the expert on her baby and that ‘she’ ought to listen to what ‘they’ said but then to use her own common sense in dealing with her own baby.

Well, this morning, I see that ‘they’ have been at it again. Now we are going to have a whole generation of pregnant ladies not using shower gel, face cream and hand wash, refusing to sit on your sofa because it is new and not eating food from new non-stick pans. For goodness sake! I’ve written about nanny state before but this is just getting ridiculous. The danger to your baby from you walking around with filthy hair and not having had a shower is far greater than using shampoo and shower gel. As is the stress and guilt you feel by using these products in the fear that you may harm your unborn child.

Remember the ‘they’ who told us not to vaccinate our children because of the autism risk? Look where that ended up. Remember Edwina Curry and the eggs? And do you really think that French ladies don’t eat Brie? Are there millions of ill babies born there?

Ladies……..just use your common sense. ‘They’ do not know everything and this type of alarmist reporting is not helpful. We are breeding a generation of children with more asthma, more allergies and more intolerances of particular food groups than ever before. I wonder why?


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