Things that just don’t work

Isn’t it so annoying when things that should work just don’t? The event that made me ponder on this today was the failure of a simple little wireless doorbell. My dad has the bell push in his room and the bell unit sits in the hall. If he needs anything, he rings so I can go and see what the problem is. It has worked for a while but with the onset of the lovely weather, we have been working in the garden and have taken the bell unit with us in case he needs anything. It has had intermittent problems failing to ring so I replaced the batteries and all seemed well again. Then yesterday it rang when he was nowhere near the button and today stopped working at all. I tried replacing the batteries again with no success and then wondered if it might need ‘pairing’ again. I couldn’t find the original instructions so searched for them online. I went to the company’s website and found the right unit. There was a link to click to get the pairing instructions. I clicked it and guess what? It took me to an error page. I tried an different unit. Error page. Then another…..yes, you guessed it…error page.

The bell unit is going in the bin.

Tomorrow I am off to buy something a bit more reliable.


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